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Who We Serve

Formed in 2014 with a desire and vision to deliver on both the local and enterprise-wide facility initiatives of cause driven, for-purpose non-profits, Gro (Gro-Dev) is a multi-disciplinary professional services firm bent on impact.  Gro provides professional services in the domains of real estate and facility development, architecture and design, facility management consulting, procurement, capital planning, and capital formation. Through its service delivery, Gro advances the facility portfolios (single- or multi-unit) of its clients to the be the most magnetic, sustainable, sound, highly performing, well-located, operationally efficient and inclusive centers for youth development, health & wellbeing, and community engagement.

Gro provides professional services, advice, counsel and resources to both national federation and denominational headquarters offices, as well as to individual, local charters, branches, campuses, and centers.   Additionally, Gro counts among it’s key client relationships and engagement opportunities those with independent non-profit organizations, including organizations that drive impact in housing, education, community service, and healthcare.  

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